The Dallas Bespoke Retractable Pool Cover From BabyDome
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The Dallas is a stylish low-profile pool enclosure which is made-to-measure to suit your exact requirements.
The profiles are 35 by 50mm aluminium alloy (AlMgSi) with Elox surface treatment and there are 3 supporting profiles on each module. Single cell double wall 8mm polycarbonate is used which is UV protected and has a 'No Drop' surface treatment, limiting condensation water drops.
The enclosure can have a door in the front wall (which is fully detachable) or a half-width side door which is often in the largest module allowing step-in access to the side of your pool.
The Dallas enclosure runs on rails and if you have space on your deck behind your pool, these rails can  be extended to allow the enclosure to be fully retracted away from the pool.
There is an option of having 3, 4, 5 or 6 modules and the external width of the largest module (W) can be from 3.5 metres wide up to 6.5 metres wide.
External length                       Internal width of smallest module
6.38 metres (3 modules)          28 cms less than 'W'
8.5 metres (4 modules)            42 cms less than 'W'
10.6 metres (5 modules)          56 cms less than 'W'
12.7 metres (6 modules)          70 cms less than 'W'
Please email or phone with your pool size/enclosure requirements and we can give you a quotation including delivery, installation and VAT.